Turbo Micronizers RINA-JET

Micronization (jet-milling) is the process of significant reduction of average particle size of solids. Basically it is the transformation of powder and granule into microscopic particles for their subsequent application as inhalation products, pharmaceutical suspensions, pigments, dyes, etc.

The RINA-JET Turbo Micronizer has no rotating or any mechanical devices. This ensures a contamination-free product, and enables to control the resulting particle size distribution of the product.

The RINA-JETTurbo-Micronisers achievefine milled products with particle sizes of less than 10 microns with narrow granulometric(Gauss) curve around the medium size(depending on the characteristics of the product and its inlet condition).

Additionally our system permitsto perform combined operations such as micronizing and blending, or micronizing and particle coating.

Ref: rieranadeu.com