RINA SRP Supercentrifuges

The RINA supercentrifuges are vertical axis machines fitted with a hanged cylindrical bowl rotating at high speed to generate a centrifugal force that can reach 20000 xg. They are being used for the solids recovery or the removal of suspended impurities from liquids, and for the separation of non-miscible liquids of different densities.

They are characterized by a modern and sturdy design, easy to operate. All models are fitted with wide-opening hinged casing to facilitate the withdrawal of the bowl / decanter rotor from the front as perceptive according to the GMP guidelines.

The RINA SRP supercentrifuges can be designed to work in potentially explosive atmospheres, in which case they are ATEX EC certified. As well, other provisions can be equipped: cooling/heating coils, CIP and SIP devices, and controls of ancillary equipment if required by the intended application