Descaling Equipment

Descaling Equipment

API Solutions offers all of the components used in the descaling of evaporators starting at the drive motor, through to the flexible cables and all attachments used to descale evaporator tubes.

Drive Motors: Speed of motors range from 900 rpm to 4500rpm in a single, double or triple drive arrangement. These motors can be freestanding or mounted on a baseplate and wheels, with or without an electric starter. Safety guards on all configuration is standard.

Flexible Cables: Can be assembled complete or supplied as spare parts comprising of the inner cable, outer cable and crimped fitting that connect to the motor and toolhead. Standard lengths that are available form stock are 23ft, 32ft, 36ft, 45ft and all of these come in two standard diameters

Toolheads: Available in a range of standard sizes and can be configured for 3, 4 or 5 rows of cutters. High quality cutters are manufactured in-house for a short delivery lead-time, if not in stock.

WBA Brushes: A large stock of standard sizes are available with and increased amount of steel bristles that are hydraulically roll crimped.

A host of other fitting and adaptors are all available from our stock for quick delivery.

We manufacture a variety of toolheads to deal with a variety of descaling jobs from shallow to heavily blocked tubes. Our tool heads are highly effective and robust.

Tube Tools

API Solutions provides high quality tube installation and tube removal tools.  We stock a complete range of tools required to remove tubes or install tubes in shell and tube heat exchanges. read more


Our workshop offers their expertise to service and repair any evaporator descaling equipment. From the drive motors, single, double or triple – full refurbishments are undertaken at a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new unit to replacing fast wearing parts on all tool heads and restoring their effectiveness to that of brand new equipment. see more