RINA Serie 500

Continuous filtering vertical worm/screen centrifuges

The RINA 500F series is a vertical axis worm/screen continuous filtering centrifuge. Fitted with a conical rotor its aim isthe continuous solid-liquid separation of any crystalline, granular or fibrous products suspended in a liquid. The RINA 500f achieves a highfilterability index to reach solid concentrations ranging between 30% and 80% and for particle sizes between 50 and 500 microns.

The main characteristics of the RINA 500F are, among other features, extremely high capacity (continuous throughput) considering their compactdimensions and weight as well astheir easy handling.If necessary, there is the possibility of cake (dewatered solid) washing and immediate separation of washing liquid from the mother liquor using two different liquid outlets.

The RINA 500 centrifuges can work in potentially explosive atmosphere, in which case they are delivered with CE-ATEX certification. Other deviceslike: cooling system, CIP, or other provisions adapted to your intended processand existing conditions are possible.

RINA Serie 600 AS

Continuous Decanting Centrifuge, with compressing stage

The RINA Serie 600 AS horizontal continuous decanting centrifuges are ultra-efficient for the solid-liquid separation. These centrifuges, equipped with a cylindrical rotor, are the result of the thorough study of the procedures of dewatering or separating by classical decanting, which led to a truly improved efficiency in the field of decanting.

Due to their design and configuration, the remaining moisture is 3-5% lower than a conventional highly-efficient centrifuge.  The full-length cylindrical bowl enables to keep the g-force constant at highest level, that entailing a significant improvement in the field of continuous decanting.

RINA Serie 600 SC

High efficiency Decanter Centrifuge

The RINA 600D SC are high efficiency, solid bowl horizontal Decanter centrifuges used for continuous solid/liquid separation. Equipped with a cylindrical-conical solid bowl and due to several features such as, design, configuration and centrifugal factor the RINA 600D SC achieve outstanding results as to moisture reduction – better than any other conventional industrial decanter.