Batch Centrifugal Screens

API Solutions stocks and supplies:

Batch centrifugal working screens – For all major types of centrifuges worldwide. (BMA, Broadbent, Western States, Sliver Weibull, etc). Holes configurations are either slots or round holes and are available in Stainless, Brass or Copper. Open area and strength of our screens are superior to any other brands on the market. Precision aligned locklap joints allow easy insertion during installation.

Batch Centrifugal Backing Screens – Are offered in the traditional meshes, 4 mesh and 7 mesh or the more modern and robust Bridge type backing Screen. Whilst the more economic meshes are supplied in brass or stainless steel, the Bridge type backing is supplied in stainless steel only and allows for far better support of the working screen and facilitates superior drainage of molasses form the centrifugal basket.